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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be employed as a student employee?

Baylor University students who are eligible to work in the United States may compete for on-campus jobs. Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligible students have priority for hiring. FWS eligibility is determined by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

FWS award does not secure you a student employee job, you must apply and be selected for a job if one is available. If you decline your FWS award in order to receive another type of aid, you are limited to loans and will no longer be eligible to work on campus for the remainder of the current academic year. Students who do not file the FAFSA or do not have FWS eligibility will be allowed to pursue campus employment only after the first three weeks of the fall semester assuming they meet all other eligibility criteria.


When do I begin the job search?

You may begin the job search as soon as you have registered for classes, you have been notified of your eligibility for the upcoming award period, and available positions are posted.

We give priority for on-campus employment to students who have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and who have accepted Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligibility.

The Student Financial Aid Office sets a date three weeks into the fall semester when on-campus employment will be opened to other Baylor University students who are eligible to work in the United States and do not qualify for FWS.


Am I eligible for community service work study jobs?

Community service designated jobs are available only to those students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS).


Are their hour limitations?

Several factors dictate how many hours per week a student can work on campus.

As a student, you:

  • Cannot work during times that you are scheduled to be in class,

  • Cannot earn more than your eligibility amount and

  • Cannot work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled in classes. This is a Baylor policy intended to protect your academic pursuits.

Your award (eligibility to earn) amount:

  • The award amount is divided by the hourly wage to determine the number of hours you can work.

 Example: $2,650.00/$7.25 = 365.50 hours

  • The number of hours divided by the number of weeks per academic year determines the number of hours you can potentially work per week.

Example: 365.50 hours/34 weeks = 10.75 hours per week.

The budget of the hiring department may limit you to a lower number of hours per week than you are eligible to work or would like to work.


May I transfer to a different department?

You may transfer from one department to another; however, you should give your departmental supervisor at least two weeks written notice.


How to do I provide a notice of leaving my job?

You may separate from your job voluntarily. A written resignation should be submitted to your supervisor no later than two weeks prior to the indicated date of separation from the job.

As an at-will employee, you may be reassigned, have your duties, and/ or compensation changed, or be terminated with or without cause or advance notice. Nothing in this or any written or oral statement from any Baylor employee or Baylor policy about your position or employment creates a contract between you and Baylor.