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Welcome, Students!


Baylor University fully supports compliance with federal and state regulations regarding student employment. We want to take the time to remind university faculty and staff of Baylor’s commitment to compliance with federal and state regulations that govern student employment, including the Federal Work Study Program.  It is the University’s practice to adhere to applicable employment laws, policies, and procedures for all student employees including those in the Federal Work Study Program and not in the program.

The following forms are required to be completed before you begin any orientation, training or job.

Form I-9  - you may complete this form either with the Office of Student Employment or Human Resources. Section 2 of the Form I-9 document must be completed in person and requires original forms of identification and employment eligibility.

Form W-4 - you may complete this form either with the Office of Student Employment or Payroll Office.

Direct Deposit Form - direct deposit is optional, but highly recommended for receiving your student pay check. You will be able to track your earnings by using BearWeb. If you prefer, you may pick up your check in the Payroll Office.

Student Employment Confidentiality Agreement - Baylor student entrusted to be employees are expected to diligently perform the job for which he or she is employed. In addition to compliance with all approved policies and procedures, attention to work-related duties, confidentiality, and customer service are of the utmost importance to successful employment. As a student employee you agree to uphold confidentiality as it relates to University sensitive data.

Memo of Understanding (MOU) for Student Employees - Basic agreement with the University regarding the nature of your employment. This is form is signed by Faculty and Staff members as well.